King of High schools in Tokyo

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★★ Open King Of High schools in Tokyo that is a ova of the The King of Highschools in Seoul.★★ [Game Introduction]Unify Tokyo in Japan through fierce battles and diplomatic wars.This is the shortcut you can unify by recruiting a talented student to the student council, developing the school, suitable alliances and oppositions with other schools.Let’s start to unify Tokyo! [Game Character]◈ Now, all of high schools located in Tokyo fight a war.◈ About 8,000 students had various abilities appear.◈ In custom mode, you can make your school and friends fight a war.◈ The play progresses for 3 years until the main character enters into a school and graduates from the school.◈ Cheat codes that give special abilities help your play. ◈ You don’t need to give money and buy items in on-line such as no leading account and no paying in-app etc.◈ There is never smart push(message) that comes in and out of season. Free at the smart push! ◈ Achieve about 80 missions! [Game Information]: Check new information of the king of high schools in the official homepage and facebook. - Official Community : - Facebook : ★★开放国王在东京的高中是,高中的首尔国王的一个卵子。★★[游戏简介]经过激烈的战斗和外交战争统一日本东京。这是可以通过一个有才华的学生来招收学生自治会,制定了学校,适合的联盟和反对派与其他学校统一的快捷方式。让我们开始统一东京![游戏角色]◈现在,所有高中学校位于东京打一场战争。◈关于8000名学生有不同的能力出现。◈在自定义模式,可以使你的学校和朋友打一场战争。◈该剧的进行了3年,直到主角进入一所学校,从学校毕业。,让特殊能力◈秘籍帮助你的发挥。◈你不需要给的钱,买上线的项目,如无前导帐户,也没有支付应用程式等。◈从未有自带进出赛季的智能推送(消息)。免费智能推!◈达到约80任务![游戏资讯]:检查高中在官方主页和Facebook国王的新信息。  - 官方社区:  - Facebook的:
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