Happy in Wheels

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Happy wheels is a casual funny game where you need to take Benny the vlogger to his home in the most safest way possible, it looks like a difficult mission isn't?You will need to avoid a lot of obstacles that you may find in your path.. from saw blades to hanging spears. even rolling balls!! that why our moto of the game is guts and gloryBenny can jump, even twice if you tap quickly. Please follow those happy wheels message that appear on the screen, these will guide you in your path, try to increase/reduce speed as those messages appear, is the only way to make itThis game is still in his early steps, and for sure has nothing to do with our happy wheels official! We are working hard to extend the number of levels ,unfortunately our youtubers life make it difficult, also our dedication to our company tube tycoon.. no much time left!Please show your support so we can continue improving this gameWho we areWe are a team of developers coding for fun, living the youtubers life and great advisors of tube tycoon, we also like cookiesThis game contain Ads, you can remove those for free though!Enjoy!
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