Revenge of Sultans

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Join players around the world in this epic RTS MMO game to reclaim an ancient kingdom on the Arabian Peninsula. You, my lord, are called by the people to take on the great challenge to become the next king in the hope of bringing peace and prosperity back to this land. With more eyes on the throne than you can possibly imagine, you must be strategic and make your claims to resources and troops fast, even if it means war. It’s time to demonstrate your leadership skills and diplomatic strengths to surpass your opponents in the quest for supreme power. Show them no mercy.Engage in Epic Battles Command the finest troops and fight your way to the top. Strike your enemies hard and leave them far behind. With a powerful army, equipped with the most advanced technologies, you will dominate the world in no time. Explore the Vast Arabian DesertThe desert is fun place, and a dangerous one, too. Go on monster hunts and explore the ancient relics if you fancy the wild. You will find plenty of resources among other useful items. The rewards are worth the efforts.More Resources More ProblemsThe world is watching. Your enemies will find ways to eat into your success. There will be times when allies are needed. Choose your Alliance members wisely, because they may be the determining factor for your conquest to the throne. The War of Throne is not a single man’s fight. Invite your friends to playThis is a game where you will make lots of new friends. But don’t forget to invite your old friends to join the fun too. They will share your visions and dream. With more friends by your side, you will be more than you can be. Support:If you have any feedback, please write to us at serviceros@www.onemt.comPrivacy Policy: of Service: 加入世界各地的玩家在这史诗般的RTS MMO游戏在阿拉伯半岛的回收古老王国。你,我的主,被人叫承担的巨大挑战,成为实现和平与繁荣回到这片土地的希望下一任国王。随着宝座上比你所能想象的要多的眼睛,你必须具有战略眼光,让你的要求资源和部队快速,即使这意味着战争。它的时间来证明你的领导能力和外交优势,超越你的对手在追求至高无上的权力。告诉他们没有怜悯。搞史诗战役指挥最好的军队,争取用自己的方式顶端。打击你的敌人硬,让他们望尘莫及。凭借强大的军队,配备了最先进的技术,你将主导在任何时间的世界。开拓广阔的阿拉伯沙漠沙漠是好玩的地方,以及一个危险的了。去狩猎怪物,如果你喜欢野外探索古老的文物。你会发现很多资源的其他有用的物品。回报是值得的努力。更多资源更多的问题全世界都在看着。你的敌人会想方设法吃进你的成功。将有需要时,盟友倍。选择你的联盟成员明智的,因为他们可能是你的征服王位的决定因素。宝座的战争不是一个单身男人的战斗。邀请你的朋友一起玩这是一个游戏,你会做很多的新朋友。但是,不要忘记邀请你的老朋友加入乐趣。他们将分享你的愿景和梦想。随着越来越多的朋友在你身边,你会比你更可以。支持:如果您有任何意见,请写信给我们serviceros@www.onemt.com必读:服务条款:
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