Zombie Infection

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How long can you survive the Zombie Infection? Thanks for all the support everyone! I am working to release a new map and also a save feature coming soon!**THIS GAME IS PROCESSOR INTENSIVE IT IS RECOMMENDED YOU HAVE AT LEAST A QUAD CORE DEVICE PLEASE DON"T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME AND GIVE IT ONE STAR BECAUSE YOU DID NOT READ THIS**The recent update has added many new features. Loot will now spawn randomly in different locations. Certain areas have higher loots spawn values. Currently it is not set to respawn if looted but this will be updated. Zombies will also be triggered by the player being in an area. This should down drastically on the processing power needed for all the AI and allow for many more zombies. Swimming has also been added and we plan on adding more cool areas that will incorporate this. Think underwater caves :) Hope you all enjoy the new update!This game is inspired by the likes of Dayz, Warz, Rust, The Walking Dead and Nether to name a few. Who says you need a desktop computer to play your favorite zombie survival! Get your fix of dayz with this game while out and about. You are a lone survivor in a world gone infected. Kill as many zombies as you can before your time is up! The game mode is a full on FPS with fluid control. Testing was done on two year old devices to ensure playability on modern devices. This game will scream on a new tegra 4 tablet or samsung s4/s5! Be sure to select settings in the main menu to up the graphics quality.The game is by no means "done" and will only get bigger and better with your support. Some features we plan on including are multiple map selections, day night cycle, different game modes, training levels, and more!Game included a leader board of zombie kill counts! Also included are achievements based on game progress.Features: - Minimap with icons - Zombie kill count - Health - Hunger - Thirst - Hidden loot - Crowbar melee weapon - Club melee weapon - Katana melee weapon - 9mm Pistol - AK47 machine gun - Large explorable military base - Climbable ladders - multiple zombie types with varying strength - Google Play AchievementsIf the game crashes when changing the quality settings, restart the game and open the settings menu again. It will default back to the fastest settings.Please send us an email on bug reports and issues before posting a negative review :DHave fun and stay alive! 你可以生存多久的僵尸感染?感谢所有支持大家!我的工作发布一个新的地图,也是保存功能即将推出!*这个游戏是处理器密集型的,建议你至少有四核设备,请DON“T下载这个游戏,并给它ONE STAR,因为你没有阅读本**最近的更新增加了许多新功能。战利品现在会在不同的地方产卵随机。某些领域具有较高的共抢得产卵值。目前它没有被设置为重生如果掠夺但这将被更新。僵尸还将由玩家在一个区域被触发。这应该大幅下降对所需的所有AI的处理能力,并允许更多的僵尸。游泳也已加入,我们计划增加更多的阴凉处,将纳入本。想想:)希望大家喜欢新的更新水下洞穴!此游戏由DAYZ,Warz,防锈,行尸走肉和虚空的喜欢启发,仅举几例。谁说,你需要一台台式电脑来播放您喜爱的僵尸生存!让您的DAYZ的修复与这场比赛同时外出走动。你是唯一的幸存者在一个世界去了哪感染。杀死尽可能多的僵尸,你可以在你的时间到了!游戏模式是一个完整的FPS与流体控制。测试是在两岁的设备,以确保现代设备的可玩性。这场比赛将叫得上一个新的Tegra 4平板电脑或三星S4/S5!一定要选择在主菜单中设置了图形质量。本场比赛绝不是“做”,只会变得更大,更好的与您的支持。我们计划包括一些功能是多重的地图选择,白天夜晚的周期,不同的游戏模式,训练水平,以及更多!游戏包括僵尸击杀数领先榜!还包括根据游戏进度的成就。产品特点:  - 小地图的图标  - 僵尸杀死数  - 健康  - 饥饿  - 口渴  - 隐藏的战利品  - 撬棍近战武器  - 俱乐部近战武器  - 武士刀的近战武器  - 9mm手枪  - AK47机枪  - 大探索的军事基地  - 爬得上去的梯子  - 具有不同强度的多种类型的僵尸  - 谷歌播放的成就如果改变画质设置时游戏崩溃,重新启动游戏,然后再次打开设置菜单。它会默认回到最快的设置。D:请发布负面评论之前发送给我们的bug报告和问题的电子邮件有乐趣和活路!
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恩不错得游戏 那个请问为什么我开游戏到了菜单后我按开使游戏他在读取的时后它会自己跳掉画面??
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