Glitter Slime Maker - Crazy Slime Fun

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Slime fun?We love it. How about add some rainbow colors glitter into your slime and then have crazy fun with it? Now it’s the chance. “Glitter Slime Maker” helps you make fluffy glitter slime at home. The game has all the make and play features which not only demonstrates you how to make glitter slime but also teaches you how to make slime fulfilling its purposes to be part of learning. Let’s get started.

How to play:
- Choose the glitter you like most, Red, orange, green, blue, purple,yellow etc, whatever you like.
- Add some water to mix with the slime.
- Now, let’s prepare the borax. Add borax and water into the bowl and mix them even.
- Pour the borax mixture to the glitter and mix them slowly.
- Add until the slime is ok to play.
- Have fun with your glitter slime, Wow, endless fun.

Come on now, Let’s have fun together.
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