A Day with Masha and the Bear

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Would you like to have fun playing with Masha and the Bear? Well, then you can share a whole day playing and learning with them in this funny App with more than 20 games.Good morning, Masha! It’s time to wake up... today is gonna be an exciting day full of games and activities to test your abilities and knowledge.Share a whole day with Maya and her friends and discover her favorite games, like riding a bike, looking for animals, fishing, playing checkers or making cakes. More than 20 games where, apart from having fun, you will learn to tell the time, to add, to trace letters, to recycle and many other educational activities.Now, with A DAY WITH MASHA AND THE BEAR you can play and have fun with the most complete and varied app, the best option for fans of Masha and the Bear.CONTENTS OF THE APPDawn: Time to wake up...- Learn the hours with Masha’s alarm clock.- Arrange her cuddly toys memorizing where they are and putting each one in the right place.- Ride the tricycle to the Bear’s house collecting strawberries and avoiding the obstacles that you will find in your way. - Identify the animals in the forest by their tracks.Morning: Time to learn in the school of the Bear- Solve the additions that the Bear has prepared for you.- Learn to write tracing the letters.- Do you know all the body parts?- Do you know the sound of each animal?- Learn how to separate the garbage in this recycling game.Afternoon: Have fun!!!- Play soccer and shoot penalties against Masha.- Help the Bear to plant carrots in his garden.- Help Masha to find her way out of this maze so she can get to the lake.- Have fun fishing with Masha in a funny arcade game.- Help Masha and the Bear to collect the fruits that fall from the trees.- Memorize the ingredients that you need to make a cake.Night: The Bear’s house- Help Masha and the Bear to cook a cake with all the ingredients.- Win the Bear in a game of tic-tac-toe... or have fun playing checkers.- It’s time to go to bed, but before Masha has to brush her teeth.- Masha is so sleepy... End the day with a funny platform game counting sheep.* BESIDES these activities you can complete an album with the stickers that you will win each time you finish a game.GENERAL FEATURES - Interactive and educational games for children 3-6 years old.- All activities contain explanations and visual support.- It encourages learning through a system of rewards and gamification.- It helps autonomous learning.- App approved and supervised by specialists in pre-school education.- Parental control.- Available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Latin Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish and Portuguese.For more detailed information, please visit: http://www.taptaptales.comTap Tap Tales also has other applications such as Hello Kitty, Maya The Bee, Caillou, Vic The viking, Shaun the Sheep, and Heidi.In Tap Tap Tales we care about your opinion. For this reason, we encourage you to rate this app and if you have any comments please send them to our e-mail address: hello@taptaptales.com.Web: http://www.taptaptales.comGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/+Taptaptalesapps/postsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/taptaptalesTwitter: @taptaptalesPinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/taptaptalesOur MisionBringing joy to children and contributing to their development through the creation and publication of amazing interactive adventures full of fun educational activities.Motivating and helping the kids to accomplish the tasks of the educational game.Learning and growing with our users, adapting to their needs and sharing happy moments with them.Helping parents and teachers in their educational and caring endeavors with young children, offering them top-quality, state-of-the-art learning applications.Our Privacy Policyhttp://www.taptaptales.com/en_US/privacy-policy/你想有乐趣与玛莎和熊玩?好了,那么你就可以分享一整天玩,在这个有趣的应用程序与他们的学习与超过20场比赛。早上好,玛莎!现在是时候醒了......今天会是一个令人兴奋的一天充满游戏和活动,以测试你的能力和知识。分享与玛雅和她的朋友们一整天,发现她最喜欢的游戏,如骑自行车,寻找动物,钓鱼,玩跳棋或做蛋糕。超过20款游戏,其中除了有乐趣,你将学会看时间,添加,追查信件,回收等多项教育活动。现在,与玛莎和熊,每天可以玩,玩得开心最齐全,品种多样的应用程序,为玛莎和熊的球迷是最好的选择。该应用程序的目录黎明:时间醒来......- 学会与玛莎的闹钟的时间。- 安排她可爱的玩具记住他们在哪里,并把每一个在正确的地方。- 乘坐三轮车到熊家收集草莓和避免你会在你的方式找到的障碍。- 通过他们的踪迹确定在森林动物。上午:时间学会在熊的学校- 解决了熊已经为您准备了补充。- 学习写追查信件。- 你知道所有的身体部位?- 你知道每个动物的声音?- 了解如何在垃圾回收这个游戏分开。下午:玩得开心!- 踢足球,对拍摄玛莎处罚。- 帮助熊种植胡萝卜在他的花园。- 帮助玛莎找到她走出这个迷宫,让她可以去湖边。- 与玛莎渔家乐在一个有趣的街机游戏。- 帮助玛莎和熊来收集从树上掉下的果实。- 记住,你需要做蛋糕的配料。夜:熊的房子- 帮助玛莎和熊做饭的所有成分的蛋糕。- 赢得熊井字棋的游戏...或有乐趣玩跳棋。- 现在是时候去睡觉,但在此之前玛莎有刷牙。- 玛莎是太困了......结束与一个有趣的游戏平台数羊的日子。*除了这些活动,你可以与你们每个人都完成比赛的时间赢得了贴纸完成一张专辑。一般特征- 互动和3-6岁儿童教育游戏。- 所有活动包含的解释和视觉支持。- 它鼓励通过奖励和游戏化的系统学习。- 它有助于自主学习。- 应用程序批准,并在学前教育由专家监督。- 家长控制。- 提供8种语言:英语,西班牙语,拉丁语西班牙语,法语,意大利语,德语,俄语,土耳其语和葡萄牙语。有关详细信息,请访问:http://www.taptaptales.com自来水塔的故事也有其他的应用,如凯蒂猫,玛雅蜜蜂,卡尤,维克海盗,小羊肖恩,和海蒂。在丝锥的故事,我们关心你的意见。出于这个原因,我们鼓励您评价这个程序,如果您有任何意见请发送到我们的电子邮箱地址:hello@taptaptales.com。网址:http://www.taptaptales.comGoogle+的:https://plus.google.com/+Taptaptalesapps/postsFacebook的:https://www.facebook.com/taptaptalesTwitter的:@taptaptalesPinterest的:https://www.pinterest.com/taptaptales我们米西带来欢乐的儿童和通过神奇的充满乐趣的教育活动互动冒险的制定和发布促进他们的发展。激励并帮助孩子们实现教育游戏的任务。学习和我们的用户越来越多,适应他们的需求,并与他们分享快乐的时光。帮助家长和教师与幼儿他们的教育和关爱的努力,为他们提供最优质的,国家的最先进的学习应用。我们的隐私政策http://www.taptaptales.com/en_US/privacy-policy/
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