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Have you ever wanted to live the wild life of a vicious panther, fighting fierce animals and surviving in the wilderness as you raise a family and conquer the jungle? Now you can become the ultimate carnivore in a wild animal simulator unlike any other – Wild Panther Sim 3D! Animal games have never been this wild. Embody the deadly panther as you hunt and stalk across a massive 3D jungle. Upgrade and customize your panther, and take on other animals including tigers, crocodiles and jaguars.WILD PANTHER SIM FEATURES:SIMULATION GAMEPLAY- Adventure in a realistic jungle simulation and fight other animals to become more powerful- Realistic animal simulator challenges you to maintain health and energy by eating and drinking, just like a real pantherRAISE A FAMILY- Start your family of panthers. Care for your little cats until they grow into fierce fighters- Every member of the family is like a whole new character, which you can customize and even play- Wilderness survival is harsh – protect your family at all costsPANTHER CUSTOMIZATION- Panther data can be customized like never before. Name your panther, select your gender, color, and even resize individual body parts- Personalize your panther with special tattoosRPG GAMING EXPERIENCE- Animal fighting games will grant you experience to level-up your panther- Panther stats including Power, Speed and Health will make you the ultimate carnivoreADVENTURE IN A MASSIVE 3D WORLD- Wilderness survival skills are crucial in this massive world- Discover 4 islands, each with its own atmosphere- Animals, partners and 8 dens await you in the dangerous wilderness3D WORLD MAP- Our jungle simulation is so huge that it demands a whole new type of 3D map. Zoom in and out, rotate and way you want, and even use the compass- Set markers to easily navigate the worldWEATHER SIMULATION SYSTEM- The simulator features an accurate, highly advanced weather system including various levels of rainfall and thunderPANTHER FACTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS- Unlock achievements by hunting specific animals - Discover amazing facts about the pantherAdditional game features- 14 real life animals to hunt- An in-game menu provides you with information on all the animals you’ll be fighting- Rotatable camera allows you to zoom in and out- In-depth quest system with 20 missions to complete- A lot of settings: left/right handed, static/dynamic joypad, button/joypad sizes, floating text optionsMINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:1GB RAM or higherBecome the ultimate hunter, level-up and raise a family in Wild Panther Sim, the uncompromising wilderness survival game that puts you in the pawprints of the world’s deadliest predator!Download Wild Panther Sim 3D and embrace the wild life today!Follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/turborocketgamesFollow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/TurboRocketGameFollow us in Vkontakte:http://vk.com/turborocketgamesHave fun playing Wild Panther Sim!If you have any suggestions or ideas for the game - contact us please:vladimir.duchenchuk@gmail.comWe are getting happier with each of your email message.Please note, that we are no way affiliated with any other animal simulator games developed by other game companies.Thanks! 你有没有想住的恶性豹的野外生活,战斗激烈的动物,野外求生,你养家和征服丛林?现在你可以成为最终的食肉动物在野生动物模拟器不同于其他任何 - 野生豹辛3D!动物游戏都从未如此野性。体现为你寻找并在一个巨大的3D丛林秆致命的黑豹。升级和自定义你的黑豹,并采取其他动物,包括老虎,鳄鱼和美洲虎。WILD PANTHER SIM特点:模拟玩法 - 冒险在现实丛林模拟对抗其他动物变得更加强大 - 真实的动物模拟挑战你通过进食和饮水,以保持健康和活力,就像一个真正的豹生儿育女 - 启动豹的家人。关爱你的小猫咪,直到他们长成激烈的战斗机 - 家庭的每一个成员就像是一个全新的角色,您可以自定义,甚至玩 - 野外生存恶劣 - 保护您的家人不惜一切代价PANTHER CUSTOMIZATION - 豹的数据可定制前所未有。命名您的黑豹,选择你的性别,肤色,甚至个别调整身体部位 - 个性化的特殊纹身的豹RPG游戏体验 - 动物格斗游戏将授予你体验到Level-你的豹 - 豹统计,包括力量,速度和健康会使你最终的食肉动物冒险在一个巨大的3D世界 - 野外生存技能,在这个庞大的世界至关重要 - 发现4个岛,每个国家都有它自己的氛围 - 动物,合作伙伴和8个窝点等待着你的危险荒野3D世界地图 - 我们的丛林模拟是如此巨大,它需要一个全新类型的3D地图。放大和缩小,旋转和你想要的方式,甚至使用指南针 - 设置标记以轻松浏览世界天气仿真系统 - 该模拟器设有一个准确的,非常先进的天气系统,包括各种级别的降雨和雷电PANTHER事实和成就 - 通过狩猎动物的具体成就解锁 - 发现关于黑豹惊人事实附加游戏功能 - 14现实生活中的动物狩猎 - 一个在游戏中的菜单为您提供信息,所有你战斗的动物 - 可旋转摄像头可以放大和缩小 - 深入的任务系统与20项任务完成 - 很多设置:左/右撇子,静态/动态手柄,按钮/手柄的大小,浮动文本选项最低要求:1GB RAM或更高成为最终的猎人,级别和野生豹辛,不妥协的野外生存游戏,让你在世界上最致命的食肉动物的pawprints养家!下载野生豹辛3D今天拥抱野生动物!按照我们在Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/turborocketgames在推特上关注我们:https://twitter.com/TurboRocketGame跟随我们的Vkontakte中:http://vk.com/turborocketgames玩得开心玩野生豹辛!如果您对游戏有任何建议或意见 - 请与我们联系:vladimir.duchenchu​​k@gmail.com我们正在与每个电子邮件的快乐。请注意,我们是没有办法与其他游戏公司开发的任何其他动物的模拟器游戏无关。谢谢!
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