A Matter of Murder

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“A Matter of Murder deftly weaves in rouge-like elements via a series of challenging logic puzzles. Add to this some beautifully stylized artwork and you’ll find yourself wondering where the last few hours of your life went.” — The Care and Feeding of Nerds“It’s like every murder mystery dinner you ever attended, except way deadlier and way more fun. Trust us.”— FemHypeABOUT THE GAMEZounds! One of the guests at an English house party has fallen victim to cold-blooded murder. Your weekend in the country is ruined! What choice have you but to ask your fellow guests probing questions, search the house, draw astonishingly insightful conclusions and solve the crime?A Matter of Murder is a point-and-click puzzle game with rogue-like elements. The details of each murder are procedurally generated, so each case is different every time you play with progressively more challenging logic puzzles. A Matter of Murder can also randomly combine logic puzzles to provide seemingly endless surprises and high replayability. FEATURES• Procedurally generated content offers a different experience for each play-through.• Interact with colorful suspects and carefully investigate your surroundings for clues.• Hand-drawn character art brings the Victorian setting to life in all its murderous glory.• Campaign mode provides a wide-range of increasingly difficult logic puzzles.• Logic puzzles can be combined randomly to create new cases and unique play-throughs.• In-game notebook automatically keeps track of the clues you collect.• Original soundtrack with responsive musical underscoring.• Immersive and haunting soundscape places you at the center of the storytelling experience.• Randomly implemented plot-altering elements can change the course of the story. “杀人的事巧妙地编织在通过一系列具有挑战性的逻辑难题的胭脂般的元素。再加上一些精美的艺术品程式化,你会发现自己想知道你的生命的最后几个小时了。“ - 关心和书呆子的饲养“这就像你参加过的每神秘谋杀案晚餐,除了致命的方式和方法更多的乐趣。请相信我们。“ - FemHype关于游戏Zounds!一位客人在英国的房子党牺牲品冷血的谋杀。您在该国周末毁了!什么选择有你,但要问你的其他客人问题,寻找房子,得出惊人的结论,有见地,解决了罪?杀人的事是一个点和点击益智游戏流氓般的元素。每个谋杀的细节程序产生的,所以每次使用越来越复杂逻辑难题播放时间每个案件都是不同的。杀人的事也可以随机组合逻辑难题提供看似无尽的惊喜和高可玩性。 特征•程序产生的内容提供了每个播放通过不同的体验。•与五颜六色的犯罪嫌疑人互动,仔细调查你的周围寻找线索。•手绘角色艺术带来了其所有的荣耀杀气维多利亚设置生活。•战役模式提供越来越难逻辑难题的宽范围。•逻辑谜题可以随机组合,以创造新的病例和独特的游戏得来。•在游戏笔记本电脑自动记录您所收集的线索。•电影原声带音乐的反应强调。•身临其境的音景令人难忘的地方,你在讲故事体验的中心。•随机实施的情节元素改变可以改变故事的过程。
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